Chiller & Freezer Rooms

Insulated Panel Chiller & freezer Rooms - Ready Made & Built To Order.

Our construction approach for chiller and freezer rooms is meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs, focusing on optimal thermal efficiency and energy savings. Canterbury Insulated Builders can design and build walk in chillers or freezer rooms to your requirements.

Food & Dairy



Alcohol stores


We employ advanced insulated panels to ensure precise temperature control, essential for the storage, processing, or manufacturing sectors. Durability, energy efficiency, and adherence to industry standards are at the forefront, guaranteeing that your chiller or freezer room is not only a vital asset for operational excellence but also a sustainable investment.

Our tailored environments are perfect for alcohol stores, restaurants, and businesses dealing with food, dairy, or perishables. Each room is engineered to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring product quality and safety. Whether you need to store ingredients, finished products, or sensitive goods, our custom-built rooms provide the ideal conditions to preserve freshness and extend shelf life, tailored to your operational requirements.


Custom-built to support the specific requirements of manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for product quality and safety.


Tailored environments for processing industries, where precise temperature control is crucial for product integrity and compliance with health standards.


Ideal solutions for storing perishable goods, our rooms maintain consistent temperatures, protecting products from spoilage and extending their shelf life.

Ready Made, Transportable Chiller & Freezer Rooms

Cool Room 6

Chiller – Room only.

3.0m x 2.0m x 2.5m high. 75mm PIR walls. 100mm PIR floor. Built from good condition secondhand panel. Brand new door. Refrigeration unit can be fitted at an additional cost of $4900.00 incl. GST. 

PRICE: $6500.00

Revolutionise Your Build with Insulated Panel Construction

Exceptional Building Features


Bespoke Design

Tailored solutions to meet your unique project requirements.


Advanced Insulation

Enhance energy efficiency with superior thermal insulation.


Rapid Assembly

Swift construction times, maintaining high-quality standards.



Robust materials offering enduring resistance to elements and wear.



Sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact.


Canterbury Wide

Delivering superior building solutions throughout Canterbury.

Unmatched benefits

Cost Efficiency

Substantial savings on energy and construction expenses.


Optimal indoor climate control for year-round comfort.


Suitable for a wide array of commercial applications.


Dependable construction with expert guidance throughout.

Build Smarter, Build Better with Canterbury Insulated Builders.

Ready to transform your space with innovative insulated panel construction? Connect with Canterbury Insulated Builders, your New Zealand-owned experts.

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