Insulated Panel Colours

Insulated Panel Colour Options

Discover the vibrant and versatile Coloursteel™ colour options for our insulated panels, offering a palette to perfectly align with your project’s aesthetics. Whether you’re aiming for harmony with the environment or making an architectural statement, Coloursteel™ provides a durable and stylish solution to bring your vision to life.

Explore the range of colours available to find the ideal match for your construction needs.

Also available in MAXX™, Zincalume & Galvanised Finishes.

Maxx Colorsteel is specifically designed for New Zealand’s severe UV light and coastal environments, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings, especially in coastal areas where salt-laden air can cause significant corrosion and wear.

The product features a metallic coating that protects the steel base, which is then painted to increase durability and to provide a choice of colors that can suit various architectural styles. The paint system used on Maxx Colorsteel not only provides color but also additional resistance against corrosion, chipping, peeling, and fading.

Revolutionise Your Build with Insulated Panel Construction

  • Exterior wall and roof cladding for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Interior walls, partitions, and ceiling panels in various settings.
  • Wall cladding panels or spandrels on commercial structures and community facilities.
  • Enclosures for temperature-controlled spaces, suitable for food processing areas, cool stores, freezers, and clean rooms.
  • Ideal for industries requiring high hygiene levels or environmental control, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Unmatched benefits

Cost Efficiency

Substantial savings on energy and construction expenses.


Dependable construction with expert guidance throughout.


Optimal indoor climate control for year-round comfort.


Suitable for a wide array of commercial applications.

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