MPI Approved Structures & Buildings

Insulated panel MPI Approved Structures & Buildings

Enhanced Structures & Buildings for MPI-Certified Operations.

Food Processing

Meat Processing

Food Storage

Our structures and buildings are tailored for industries that must adhere to MPI standards, offering designs that facilitate the certification process. These facilities are ideal for businesses in food processing and storage, ensuring compliance with stringent hygiene, safety, and operational efficiency requirements.

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Food Processing Buildings

Our food processing buildings are designed to prevent contamination, featuring easily cleanable surfaces, efficient waste disposal systems, and advanced ventilation, crucial for maintaining food safety and quality.

Meat Processing Plants

We craft our meat processing facilities to support all operational phases, equipped with temperature control, efficient drainage, and designated processing sones, aligning with the strict criteria of MPI standards.

Food Storage Buildings

Our storage units are designed for optimal preservation, with controlled temperature and humidity, supporting effective inventory management and ensuring the safety and longevity of food products.

MPI Certification

Choose our structures to meet the rigorous standards necessary for MPI certification, elevating your operational standards and competitiveness in the food industry. Our commitment is to provide facilities that not only comply with but exceed industry norms, fostering your business’s growth in the food sector.

Revolutionise Your Build with Insulated Panel Construction

Exceptional Building Features


Bespoke Design

Tailored solutions to meet your unique project requirements.


Advanced Insulation

Enhance energy efficiency with superior thermal insulation.


Rapid Assembly

Swift construction times, maintaining high-quality standards.



Robust materials offering enduring resistance to elements and wear.



Sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact.


Canterbury Wide

Delivering superior building solutions throughout Canterbury.

Unmatched benefits

Cost Efficiency

Substantial savings on energy and construction expenses.


Optimal indoor climate control for year-round comfort.


Suitable for a wide array of commercial applications.


Dependable construction with expert guidance throughout.

Build Smarter, Build Better with Canterbury Insulated Builders.

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