Insulated Panel Profiles & Thicknesses

Insulated Panel Profiles & Thicknesses

Canterbury Insulated Builders offers a comprehensive selection of insulated panel profiles and thicknesses to cater to various construction requirements.

Whether you’re aiming for specific architectural aesthetics or need particular insulation levels, our range ensures you have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your project’s needs. Explore our offerings to find the ideal combination of profile and thickness that aligns with your design and functional objectives.

Revolutionise Your Build with Insulated Panel Construction

  • Exterior wall and roof cladding for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Interior walls, partitions, and ceiling panels in various settings.
  • Wall cladding panels or spandrels on commercial structures and community facilities.
  • Enclosures for temperature-controlled spaces, suitable for food processing areas, cool stores, freezers, and clean rooms.
  • Ideal for industries requiring high hygiene levels or environmental control, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Unmatched benefits

Cost Efficiency

Substantial savings on energy and construction expenses.


Dependable construction with expert guidance throughout.


Optimal indoor climate control for year-round comfort.


Suitable for a wide array of commercial applications.

Build Smarter, Build Better with Canterbury Insulated Builders.

Ready to transform your space with innovative insulated panel construction? Connect with Canterbury Insulated Builders, your New Zealand-owned experts.

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